Mabel Vicentef started her career in a team of set designing for cinema, TV and social events. After some time she took the risk of starting an independent endeavor of mural painting,  soon she was able to dedicate herself fully to her passion, setting off to leave a bit of herself where she went. She has painted several murals in  Spain, New Zealand, Uruguay, Mexico Morocco and many different parts of Argentina, her homeland.

Mabel Vicentef likes painting in the street but not because of the technique or the challenging size of a clean wall, rather for a more simple reason: she finds galleries to be a much too cold atmosphere. Mabel is 30 years old and has clear ideas. As she paints, she lets go of her individuality and takes the chance to be close to the people around her, discovering new worlds in every sight. To Mabel every mural has it’s own history and future. She would trade the comfort of painting at home for a ladder and outdoors any day. Reinventing her art with each new wall, she is in constant movement.


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